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CNC Milling and Drilling

CNC Millling product
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CNC Milling and Drilling
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Jacobs Precision Corporation offers fast and accurate milling machine services. Our experienced machinists have the knowledge and training to program even the most complex milling operations.

Features and Benefits of our CNC Milling & Drilling Machines

Size Capacity:
  • 20" X 16" X 18 is the maximum machining volume for active machining
  • Up to 2 pallets can be used with a wide variety of fixturing and tooling
  • Spindle speeds up to 12,000 RPM
  • Fourth Axis rotary heads are available for each machine
  • 3 Machines having 3 or 4 axis. see "Facilities
  • Hard wired for high speed program transfer
  • CAD/CAM packages speed the creation of efficient accurate CNC programs
Tolerances:.0002" or less depending on part configuration
Delivery:Flexible delivery capabilities - see "Other Processes..."
Certifications:ISO 9000-2000 Compliant
Capabilities:Our CNC Milling/Drilling Centers are ruggedly built and designed for high speed and with their rapid tool changes, our experienced personnel program and set-up for efficient production.
  • Reliable, efficient machining mean more parts per day
  • Very wide range of part sizes are easily machined
  • Wide variety of materials from soft plastics to exotic metals machined
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