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CNC Turning

CNC machined hub
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bushings and sleeves
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Our CNC Turning Centers enable the manufacture of parts in an efficient and precise manner. They allow us to give shorter lead times for both production and prototype quantities. We utilize Automatic Bar Feeders to reach effiency rates of ninety percent (90%) or more, when running production quantities. The time required to begin production is kept to a minimum by creating effective, efficient programs for the CNC's with the aid of one of our CAD/CAM systems. In addition, each machine is hard-wired to our computer network, which minimizes the time it takes to get the program into the machine.

Features and Benefits of our CNC Turning

Size Capacity:
  • Up to 2-1/2" Dia. X 15.00" long from bar feed or more in some cases
  • Up to 10.0 x 15.00 long when using Hydraulic Chuck
Equipment:7 Machines having 2, and 3 machining axis, see "Facilities"
Tolerances:.0002" or less depending on part configuration
Delivery:Flexible delivery capabilities - see "Special Processes..."
Certifications:ISO 9000-2000 Compliant
Capabilities:Our CNC Turning Centers are ruggedly built and designed for high speed and with their rapid tool changes our experienced personnel program and set-up for efficient production.
  • Quality surface finishes are common
  • Reliable, efficient machining mean more parts per day
  • Very wide range of part sizes are easily machined
  • Wide variety of materials from soft plastics to exotic metals handled- see "Special Processes"
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