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CNC Swiss-Type Turning Machined Products

Blanks, Bushings, Fasteners, Screws, Inserts, Pins, Shafts, Spacers, Studs

guide pins
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machined inserts
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Jacobs Precision Corporation provides both short run and high volume Swiss-Type Machined Products to a wide range of industries including Medical, Dental, Aerospace, Electronics,Computer, Automotive, Instrumentation, Fiber Optics, Machine Tools, Microwave, Communications, and Military.

Features and Benefits of CNC Swiss-Type Turning

Size Capacity:Up to 1.25" Dia. X 11.8" long or more in some cases
Equipment:10 Machines having 3, 4, 5, and 7 machining axis, see "Facilities"
Tolerances:.0002" or less depending on part configuration
Delivery:Flexible delivery capabilities - see "Other Processes..."
Certifications:ISO 9000-2000 Compliant
Capabilities:Swiss style machines are uniquely suited for long slender parts due to the guide bushing support, not available on other styles of turning machines.
  • High quality surface finishes are common
  • Reliable, efficient machining mean more parts per day
  • Very small turned diameters are easily machined
  • Wide variety of materials from soft plastics to exotic metals handled.
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